Enterprising New Plot Holder

Sunderland City Council’s response to the COVID-19

Exciting times at the Red Machine site with the arrival of one, Alan Turner. He took on plot 40 in early 2020. A plot plagued by a succession of tenants who never really got to grips with it, Alan soon got into the swing and had it cleared within weeks. He then got stuck into turning the soil over. As part of this he’d asked if there was a rotavator he could borrow. The Association has a container full of equipment but this belongs to individuals rather than communally owned. However, there was one rotavator left by a previous plot holder. It needed cleaning and fine tuning. Alan did both and the site now has a machine that can be shared.

After construction of greenhouses and hen coop as well as planting of an array of crop, Alan turned his hand to renovating a cement mixer and sack barrow both of which now look splendid in their new red livery!

Thanks to Alan we now have three pieces of kit that can be used by plot holders. The Association plans to buy more kit for loan to plot holders. Watch this space for details.